Looking for female mental health bloggers!

I am currently looking for female mental health bloggers to take part in my blog series! All the details are below... If you fancy reading part one and two please click on the links below: Part one: https://unitedasonevoice.wordpress.com/2017/07/06/female-blogger-perspective-of-mental-health-part-1/ Part two: https://unitedasonevoice.wordpress.com/2017/08/14/female-blogger-perspective-of-mental-health-part-2/ Interested?

Queen Elsa and her mental illness.

Now, this post is something a little different. Basically, I have watched the film ‘Frozen’ about a trillion times since it came out, this is because of girlfriends, sisters and working in a cinema. Admittedly I like the film, its clever, modern and very different to other films like ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Snow White’. For those... Continue Reading →

Twitter has helped with my anxiety.

Today (12th November) is my one year 'twitter anniversary'! WOOOOOO! To some people, Twitter is just Twitter. It's a place to keep in touch, follow celebrities, get involved in funny hashtags etc. For me, Twitter means so much more. Here is why... 2016 was a horrific year for me to say the least. I lost... Continue Reading →

Decadent Decaf Review | Decaf Coffee.

Hey guys! So, since starting this blog I have been on a journey to find replacements for caffeinated tea and coffee. I have been lucky to review some delicious products and was thrilled to see Decadent Decaf were looking for bloggers to try their products. Now, I usually try not to drink a lot of coffee because... Continue Reading →

Alison’s Story.

Me being a male I know what anxiety can be like from our perspective but I wanted to see what it was like from a female’s perspective. This is when I spoke to Alison. She is a blogger and a truly brave and awesome person and she kindly agreed to share her story with everyone.... Continue Reading →

Helping loved ones understand anxiety.

Trying to understand anxiety is like trying to understand why Donald duck wears a towel when he gets out of the shower but wears no pants every other time. Why? The only one that understands is Donald Duck. We have anxiety, the only people that understand are us, the anxiety sufferers. We understand it because we... Continue Reading →

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