Men who speak out about mental health are not weak.

Since starting my twitter profile in November 2016 and my blog in February 2017 I have seen a limited amount of male bloggers talking about mental health. There are some out there but we need more. I have always been a very emotional guy. I would cry in an argument, I would cry if I... Continue Reading →

Washed Away: From Darkness To Light | Book Review.

I am not much of a book reader. I can never seem to get into them because I am forever distracted, forever busy. However when I got offered to read 'Washed Away' I could not say no. The email I received gave information on Nikki Dubose's life, it said: “By my early twenties, I was... Continue Reading →

You Should Go & Love Yourself.

There have been times (and still are times) where I haven't liked who I was. I would have days where I wouldn't be able to look in the mirror, I couldn't sit in a room alone and I would distance myself from others. School life is a difficult period for everyone, it's a time when... Continue Reading →

A real nail biter.

My name is Josh and I am a nail biting addict. For as long as I can remember I have been biting my nails. When I was a child my mum would do everything to try and stop me, even painting my nails with nail varnish remover but I still continued to bit my nails.... Continue Reading →

Basilur Tea Review | Healthy Tea.

Since starting this blog I have been searching for healthy teas and coffee's to help with my anxiety. When I was searching on twitter I came across Basilur Tea who produce 'traditional premium-quality Ceylon tea and Praana with a brand of natural ingredients, being organic, ethically sourced and caffeine-free.; I contacted them via email and was sent three different... Continue Reading →

Decadent Decaf Review | Decaf Coffee.

Hey guys! So, since starting this blog I have been on a journey to find replacements for caffeinated tea and coffee. I have been lucky to review some delicious products and was thrilled to see Decadent Decaf were looking for bloggers to try their products. Now, I usually try not to drink a lot of coffee because... Continue Reading →

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