Taking a step back will help you leap forward.

When I started my United As One Voice twitter (formerly known as United As One) profile in November 2016 I strived to help people every day. My life was in a bad place and it helped me knowing I can help others. United As One Voice saved me.

Every day I was messaging hundreds of profiles a day, listening and talking to people about the problems they had. I joined groups, did product reviews and received offers from the BBC to help them on projects. I even fell in love with a mental health blogger, who is now living with me. It was a wonderful experience, however now I am in February 2018 I have decided to take a step back, here is why.

In all honesty I felt a bit overwhelmed with the amount of people messaging me every day. There is a lot of people who wanted my help but the problem was I was forgetting to help myself. I needed to fix myself first. I needed time away. I still continued to tweet supportive messages and I did the occasional blog post because I didn’t want to step away completely but I took more time in building myself up after a very tragic year (2016).

I also run social media profiles for a living so I needed space away from other social media outlets. Social media is good for some things however it can sometimes be overwhelming and I felt like I needed to step back and observe the reality in front of my eyes and not a screen.

I don’t blog a lot mainly because I cant always think of something to write, not because I don’t want to but because I blog ‘in the moment’, I blog because I want too and not because I have too, which is very important I feel.

Taking a break, a step back, has given me time to build my life and to enjoy life differently however I am now in a place where I feel like I can tweet more and more supportive messages and hopefully help more people.

Always take a step back to observe life and then you will be able to leap forward.

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