Twitter has helped with my anxiety.

Today (12th November) is my one year ‘twitter anniversary’! WOOOOOO!

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To some people, Twitter is just Twitter. It’s a place to keep in touch, follow celebrities, get involved in funny hashtags etc. For me, Twitter means so much more. Here is why…

2016 was a horrific year for me to say the least. I lost a baby sister, my other sister was very sick, my longtime girlfriend at the time left me and I was enduring physical issues. You can find out more here. Now because of all this, I ended up with trauma and I was suffering from very bad anxiety. I didn’t know much about anxiety, I went to counselling and doctors but I still felt very alone. I didn’t quite know how many people had anxiety until I used twitter.

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Using my personal twitter account at the time I searched for the term anxiety to see what pops up and I was shocked by the amount of people crying out for help. I couldn’t believe it. I would refresh the page and there would be thousands of more tweets every second all about anxiety. It was heartbreaking to see. In some ways, it comforted me knowing that I wasn’t alone, however, I could not sit there and watch these people fight this alone.

I sat in the kitchen thinking of what I could do. How can I help people? What can I do that is different? I decided that I needed to reach out to these people somehow so they know that someone is listening out there. I decided to create a twitter profile designed to help others with anxiety, it was called ‘United As One’. I felt that this name was fitting because its a statement saying we are all equal, we are all in this together, we are not alone.

I began using the search terms like anxiety, mental health etc. I would then reply to peoples tweets saying stuff like “You are very brave, feel free to do if you need someone to talk too”. I spent hours and hours refreshing the page and tweeting people after awhile I started to get a lot of responses. Messages were flooding in saying “thank you” and people were direct messaging me about there current issues. It felt truly wonderful to know that I was helping others, gave me a purpose. View what my profile use to look like here.

My tweets then became more personalised and I had good relationships with people on Twitter and follower numbers were increasing, things were going very well. I soon had a Youtube channel and a blog to go alongside my Twitter profile.

A few months went by and things were going well, however, I started to realise that I was spending a lot of time helping others and I was not helping myself. Don’t get me wrong helping people does make me feel good about myself but I was putting lots of energy into it when I needed to take a step back and figure out how to fix my own life. I decided a rebrand was needed. I decided to rename my Twitter profile, blog and Youtube channel to ‘United As One Voice’. The new name still used the same statement as before but this time focussing on more people to speak out about mental health together. The profile was to move away from messaging people every day and instead I would be tweeting out positive quotes, general words of support, my thoughts on mental health as a whole, my anxiety experiences, my blog posts, getting involved in mental health twitter chats.

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This newly developed twitter profile would help more people by showing others that they are not alone, they shouldn’t be ashamed to speak out but also that there is hope, there can be positives even if you have mental health issues. I don’t claim to be invincible but I know that I can have a good life even though I have anxiety and I want to show people that they can too.

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Since 12th November I have tweeted 5,627 times and I have 1,293 brave and inspiring followers. I have spoken to many amazing people, I have spoken to inspiring bloggers, I have met my gorgeous girlfriend on twitter (find out more here).I will keep on tweeting every day to try and help others. I have loved every moment of my twitter profile, I hope you have too!

Thank you so much for reading this blog poster. If you are interested in seeing my Twitter profile then visit this link:

Let me know your thoughts below in the comment section! 😀

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