Tips on surviving a long distance relationship.

I am in a long distance relationship with a gorgeous girl (and blogger) called Hannah. We met on Twitter funnily enough and have been meeting up and talking for over six months now. Thankfully she lives in the same country however she lives in a place called Hull, I live in a place called Dover.

Now to put that in perspective for you it takes 4 hours and 35 minutes to drive there, 78 hours to walk, 22 hours to cycle and 4 hours and 50 minutes on the train. So quite far! However she is worth it all. I never thought I could do long distance because I like the physical element of having someone to hold, go out with, kiss etc but she is so special to me that I am willing to go the distance. The long distance.

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It can be tough but we make it work and here is how:

Watching films and Tv:

  • This has worked for us quite well. We simply set up Netflix or Amazon video, get on skype and press play on the video content at the same time. Then we double check its synced and watch the film/episode. Sometimes the timing can be out but we soon get it sorted. We even eat snacks during the film!

Sending gifts:

  • It’s not all about presents but sometimes it’s nice to be able to treat each other to something small. Now I love giving girls flowers but its hard to time it time it for when she is at home and I can’t exactly pop round her house with a bunch of flowers so I had a genius idea. I ordered a bunch of beautiful fake flowers from Amazon. She loved them. She has ordered me some star wars gifts as well. I love star wars!

Lots of phone calls and video calls:

  • Now because I don’t see her all the time I find. So we will always make time to Skype and call each other to talk about our day, any issues, to show each other what we got from the shop etc. Modern technology is so useful, must have been so difficult in the past.


  • We always make time to see each other, even if its for 3 days a month. We always book in advance and get the cheapest travel possible as travelling can be expensive. To see Hannah I have to get a taxi, two trains and a coach to see her but it is worth it. She comes down to me and I go up to see her.

It is tough but if you love someone you hold onto them. It’s good to keep in mind that this isn’t long term, one day we will be together every single day.

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  1. I’m also in a long distance relationship, I’d love to have you check out my blog too. I think its great to read a man’s pov on this type of relationship so thanks for the post! Best of luck to you both😊


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