Washed Away: From Darkness To Light | Book Review.

I am not much of a book reader. I can never seem to get into them because I am forever distracted, forever busy. However when I got offered to read ‘Washed Away’ I could not say no.

The email I received gave information on Nikki Dubose’s life, it said:

“By my early twenties, I was modeling professionally and appeared on the covers of and in editorials for magazines such as Maxim, Glamour, Vogue, FHM, and Vanity Fair. But while my career was going well, my mental and emotional health were in shambles. I went from one extreme to the other to meet weight requirements for photo shoots, and quickly fell into anorexia nervosa. At times I struggled to survive, beginning to abuse diet pills as a way to achieve the figure that my agents were pushing me to have for fashion shoots,” says Nikki.

This had me wanting to find out more about this very strong woman.

The book features a very striking image of Nikki with one-half of her face being normal and the other featuring a more damaged side. This was done very well and immediately drew me in.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 21.45.47.png

There are 287 pages in total so I finished it in about a week (I am a slow reader). The memoir starts off about her life as a child and then it dives deeper and deeper into her journey. It was very honest telling of her life, full of detail. The chapter that really got me thinking was called ‘The battle with anorexia’, it showed the pressure of being a model which is something I have often wondered about and wrote about in the past however it was really interesting to read about it from someone who has experienced the pressure of the modeling industry. Hard to read but interesting.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 21.42.36.png

Nikki Dubose is no doubt a very brave and inspiring woman who has been through more than most but I love how she has used her negative past to inspire others. It was a book that made me a feel a mix of emotions. Surprised, shocked and sad but also inspired by her bravery.

Definitely give it a read, you would be crazy not too.

Website: https://nikkidubose.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheNikkiDuBose





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